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Grief over the demise of Giovanni Buttarelli

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Grief over the demise of Giovanni Buttarelli

The President, the members of the commissioners' panel  and all the staff of the Italian supervisory authority wish to express their deepest grief over the demise of Giovanni Buttarelli.

"Our country, the Italian supervisory authority, and I personally are grieving over the demise of Giovanni Buttarelli- I have lost a friend." so stated the President of the Italian supervisory authority, Antonello Soro. "The untimely demise of Giovanni Buttarelli is an unfathomable loss to Italy and Europe. Our country owes eternal gratitude to him for having paved the way to, furthered and upheld a right that is fundamental for democracy and the dignity of the individual - such is the standing of the right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

The role played by Giovanni Buttarelli at national and international level - first  as one of the founders of the Italian data protection authority and thereafter in Europe as the European Data Protection Supervisor - has proved to be a key one in fostering a new legal culture and a more human-centric vision of technology.

His legacy to us is made up of his experience, his passion, his unrelenting commitment towards defending, up to the very last moment, the highest individual values. "


Rome, 08.21.19




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