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TikTok: the Italian DPA calls for an EU taskforce

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TikTok: the Italian DPA calls for an EU taskforce
A co-ordinated action against risks to users’ data is needed, especially to protect children

Taking account of the risks to privacy raised by TikTok – the social network that allows creating and sharing audios, videos, and pictures, used by millions of mostly young users worldwide – the Italian DPA is calling on the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) to set up an ad-hoc task force. The EDPB convenes all EU data protection authorities.

In a letter sent to the EDPB, Antonello Soro, President of the Italian DPA, highlights that the Italian DPA has already received alerts regarding alleged vulnerabilities of this smartphone app and that other supervisory authorities such as the UK ICO and the US FTC have already started separate investigations.

Accordingly, the Italian DPA draws the EU partners’ attention to the need for a strong, coordinated action by having also regard to the importance and sensitiveness of these platforms that are intended mainly for very young users.

The President of the Italian DPA asked that this issue be put on the agenda of the next plenary meeting of the EDPB, to be held in Brussels on the 28th and 29th of January.

Rome, 24 January 2020